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  Please find below important research conducted at national and international level about Spirulina. SPRTC [Spirulina Production Research and Training Centre]- A unit of Spirulina Nutritech Foundation is also involved in on-going research on international level in the Indo-Danish Collaboration Project.

Scientific network of Antenna Across the world

On-going research projects
Indo-Danish Collaboration Project (2010-2015): SPRTC (A Unit of Spirulina Nutritech Foundation) being a partner in the DBT supported research project titled “High rate algal biomass production for food, feed, biochemicals and biofuels“.



IIT Kharagpur

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) 



Recent Research projects at National level on Spirulina

  1. Impact of Dietary Intervention with a Functional Food Supplement- Spirulina Incorporated Soup to combat Anemiaamong the coffee plantation laborers of Thandikudi
    Dr.Vasantha Esther Rani Associate Professor and Head, PG Dept of Home Science with Food Biotechnology Fatima College (Autonomous), Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. .
  2. A process technology for production of ready-to-serve (RTS) beverage using extract of fresh Spirulina platensis var lonor biomass harvested under optimized growth conditions.
    Dr.Prabuthas Scholar , Department Agricultural and Food Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.

International Research Publications on Spirulina with support from Antenna Switzerland

  1.  A Solution to micronutrient deficiencies in children particularly 0-5 years.
     Duraikkannan Selvendran,Dr. Denis von der Weid
  2. Sustainable Approaches to combat Malnutrition. Small scale production and marketing of Spirulina
    Urs Heierli

  3. Spirulina: a nutritional booster. (1999).
    Dr. M. Thinakar Vel,Dr. Denis von der Weid and Prof. Dr. N. Edwin
    This study shows the health benefits of Spirulina on malnourished children aged 1-6 in the Government Rajaji Hospital in Madurai. The usage of 1 gram of Spirulina over a period of 6 weeks clearly showed improvement on many areas like Haemoglobine, Iron and Retinol.
  4. Spirulina and Oxidative Stress in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Subjects(2000)
    Dr. Kannan K.:This study on 33 Type II Diabetes Mellitus patients, performed in the Madurai City Hospital showed that the daily use of 5 gms Spirulina for about a month results in a significant reduction in lipid peroxide levels.

Thesis on Spirulina by master students

  1. Effect of Supplementation of Spirulina Incorporated Chikkies among the Selected HIV Infected Children
    K.PRIYA(Master Thesis, April 2011)
  2. Impact of supplementation of Spirulina chikkies on the cognitive development of selected school going children of Sholavandan, Madurai District
    R. Radika (Master Thesis, April 2010)
  3. Supplementation of Spirulina incorporated wheat ladoos among selected anemic rural school going girls (10-12) years .
    L. Lekha (Master Thesis, April 2009)
  4. Effect of supplementation of Spirulina incorporated with lemon juice on working women
    B. Ameena Beebi (Master Thesis, April 2009)
  5. Effect of Spirulina on high fat diet induced obese albino Wister rats
    K. Sandhya (Master Thesis, April 2009)
  6. Standardization of Spirulina incorporated fruit jams
    T.S. Harinee (Master Thesis, April 2009)
  7. Impact of supplementation of Spirulina chikkies on the nutritional status of rural preschool children (3-6) years
    M. Kohila (Master Thesis, April 2008)
  8. Effect of supplementation of Spirulina in incorporated health mix among the selected anemic adolescent girls
    R. Priyatharsini (Master Thesis, April 2008) The results of this study show an avarage increase of 3 g/dl in the Haemoglobine level with anaemic adolescent girls after the usage of a combination of health mix and spirulina for 2 months, compared to an increase of only 1 g/dl with health mix only.

Research Partners

  • Dept of home sciecne with Food Biotechnology,Fatima College,Madurai,India.
  • Dept of paediatrics,Madurai Medical College,Madurai,India.
  • Department of Biotechnology, IIT Kharagpur (IITKgp-1), India.
  • Department Agricultural and Food Engineering, IIT Kharagpur (IITKgp-2), India.
  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India.
  • Antenna Technologies Foundation,Geneva,Switzerland.
  • Antenna France,Paris.
  • Antenna Kenya,Mombasa.
  • Technical University of Denmark ,DTU Environment, Bioenergy Group (DTU), DK.
  • Copenhagen University, Aquatic biodiversity and Systems ecology, Department of Biology (KU), Denmark.
  • Lemvig Biogas plant, (LBP),Denmark.