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Combating malnutrition of the poor with the power of Spirulina and empower rural villages especially women and children through the Rural Production and Promotion programs.


Our vision is a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for everybody – no matter what sex, amount of money or educational background. We want to enable the poor to overcome malnutrition and its disastrous effects on their daily life through the micronutrient rich Spirulina – a natural and locally produced product.


History of Spirulina Program–Antenna India

Spirulina Nutritech Foundation is a social enterprise devoted to provide everybody the necessary micronutrients to their daily needs through fortified Spirulina products. In order to do this in a sustainable manner we are active in different markets, social and open, which allows us to create fair and suitable prices for every customer and reach more people.

Our experience with Spirulina is growing since 1995, where Antenna has started production of Spirulina only with one small basin at the fish farm campus. Technical Support was given by Antenna Switzerland, which helped to enlarge the farm. To increase the number of people consuming Spirulina, a marketing division was constituted with a strong product portfolio.Today Spirulina Nutritech Foundation is working from Spirulina Farm-Production to the final product and reaches the consumers through strong networking with our associate NGOs distributors to cater different markets. 


The Governing Board with experts from India and Europe and the Organogram Spirulina Nutritech Foundation illustrate the structur of Spirulina Nutritech Foundation and the people working for ANF. SPRTC - Spirulina production training and research centre constitutes a unit of ANF. You can learn more about our training in Spirulina cultivation at our Spirulina farm on our Training page

We also appreciate the support of volunteers from around the world in our office in Madurai, or at our Spirulina-Farm. If you also wish to contribute your time to ANF, and be part of the wall of fame, feel free to contact us!

Production Partners

Spirulina cultivation training

  • Antenna has trained 53 participants from 27 NGOs from all over India/ Europe and Bangladesh.
  • 8 individual participants from India and Europe
  • 3 participants from government institutions of India
  • 18 students of India and Europe


Location of Succesful learners from Antenna in the past twelve years

AUROSPIRUL – Pondichery
OFERR – Kancheepuram TN
RASS-BBV – Thirupathi – AP
SHECS – Kurnool-AP
GRAMAVIKAS– Kolar-Karnataka
NAWA – Nilgiris TN
CHDP – kaniyakumari TN
KKSS – Dindigul TN
Ram Patel – Gujarat
CMES – Bangladesh
CIFE – Mumbai
NRDC –New Delhi
SA- CHDP – Nagarcoil TN
WED Trust – Madurai.TN
DALIT Trust – SholavandanTN

Children and Women Development Programs

  • Child fund india-Bangalore
  • Switcher-Thiruppur
  • Veerni Project-Jodhpur
  • St.Paul Trust, Samakot
  • Dhodenling Family Welfare Project-Chamraj
  • MMS –Theni
  • Mahashakthi-Periyakulam
  • Happy Home-Masinagudi
  • Pride INDIA,Maharashtra
  • Bharathi Women Development Centre-Thirvarur
  • Penial Farm(PRISMA CARE)
  • Wed Trust - Madurai

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